September 4, 2015
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Spring is finally here! The days becoming warmer, flowers start blooming, and life just seems a bit brighter now that the Winter months are behind us.

I also find Spring inspires many of us to reinvent our interiors, and to add some splashes of colour to our homes.

So if you’re thinking of selling, or if you just want to add some fresh ideas in to your home, read on, it’s not as hard as you may think!

Step 1.  Spring Clean!

Spring Clean! Start with one room at a time, so the task doesn’t become overwhelming. Go through each area of your room, and organise your items in to 3 piles – 1. Keep 2. Donate 3. Throw Away… and be ruthless! A useful tool when de-cluttering is to remember this one rule – If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, you probably won’t miss it! There’s significant research that connects low creativity, reduced efficiency and poor mental health with visual and physical clutter in the home and the workplace… So start clearing out the stuff today; you’ll feel so much happier and more organised in your clutter- free environment.

Step 2. Add Colour

No that you’ve cleared out your home, and can breathe again, it’s time to add some life and colour back in to you space. Adding colour to a space is like a breath of fresh air! Colour can really transform a room, and create a bright and happy energy. With so many colours to choose from, it can often be confusing to choose.. Try sticking to one feature wall, in a colour that compliments the accessories and colour palette in your home. Dulux have a beautiful range out this Spring called ‘Rise’. The beautiful, calming colour palette of pastel hues sooth the senses, with the almost ethereal feel. I personally love the freshness of ‘Celery Satin’, a soft green that would brighten up any interior, without being too over-powering. However, if you just don’t have the time to paint your space, simply add some colourful cushions, throws and art work to liven up that bland white room.

Step 3. Let in the Fresh Air!

After the windows and doors have been closed for most of the winter months, it’s nice to open up the house and let the fresh air in! It’s also nice to open up the curtains and shutters to let your home bathe in the beautiful sunshine Spring brings. Sunlight has a natural relaxing effect on us, and also provides vitamin D, so be sure to have a favourite chair and a book close by to a window, to soak up as much sunlight as possible! Other ways to bring the outside in is to always have an indoor plant, or a vase of fresh seasonal flowers on the table. You’ll be surprised at the difference a simple bunch of blooms makes to your home – simple things are often the best!

All of these tips also apply if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market.  It’s absolutely vital that you invest some time in preparing your home for sale & ensuring the presentation of your home is at it’s absolute best before it goes on the market. If you are stuck for ideas or short on time, be sure to contact us about our In-Home Consultation service.  We can assist you in identifying and highlighting both your homes best features, as well as the areas which may require attention.  You’ll receive expert suggestions and recommendations from our professional stylists, to improve the visual appeal and salability of your home before it goes on the market.

The aim of this consultation is to create an ‘action plan’, clearly identifying and prioritising the changes required in each room of your property.  We try to utilise as much of your existing furniture as possible, however, depending on the condition and style of the home, we may suggest purchasing or hiring some furniture & accessories to update tired pieces with modern, fresh alternatives.

What does an Upstaged Home Staging Consultation include?”

  • Room by room walk through, to identifying the property’s best features and areas for improvement.
  • Cost effective solutions to successfully stage your home, and a prioritised ‘to do list’.
  • Furniture placement and layout.
  • De-cluttering suggestions
  • Landscaping advice – including curb appeal recommendations
  • Colour consultation and advice
  • Lighting and window treatment suggestions
  • Repair and maintenance list

Happy Spring Everyone!