May 5, 2016
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It is so important to love the space you live in, and to be surrounded by things that are special to you, and that inspire you everyday.  Even if it’s just one room in your home where you can do whatever you like – like listen to music, write, or read a good book.  It’s so important to have somewhere you can relax, unwind and revitalise the mind and body.

This is even more important in Winter, as the days become colder & darker, we tend to spend more time rugged up inside!

Below are a few simple steps you can use, to create your sanctuary and your escape from the cold outside!

Step 1.  De-Clutter

There’s significant research that connects low creativity, reduced efficiency and poor mental health with visual and physical clutter in the home and the workplace…  So start clearing out the stuff today; you’ll feel so much happier and more organised in your clutter- free environment.

Step 2. Add Colour

Adding colour to a space is like a breath of fresh air!  Colour can really transform a room, and create a bright and happy energy.  With so many colours to choose from, it can often be confusing to choose..  Dulux have a beautiful range out this winter called ‘Merge’.  Colours represent hues of natural stone, timber & leather while natural dying processes inspire red hues and orange based pinks.  I personally love the deep berry colours of  ‘Persimmon’ and ‘Deep Orchid’, gorgeous colours for Winter.  However, if you just don’t have the time to paint your space, simply add some colourful cushions, throws and art work to liven up that bland white room… and to finish off, nothing beats fresh flowers!

Step 3. Add Warmth.

Adding a throw rug, or layering textures together can visually warm up a space in Winter.  Look out for thick, heavy fabrics and woven knits to add a touch of luxury to your space, and to create an inviting place you just want to snuggle up in.  Investing in thick, good quality window coverings is also important, and will assist in insulating your home and keeping the warmth in during the cooler months.

Step 4. Beautiful Scents.

There’s nothing better than a beautiful candle burning, that creates a gorgeous scent through the entire house.  A luscious scent can help you feel relaxed, and help you unwind, and the soft glow of the candle flickering away also helps you to escape and forget about the daily grind.  A favourite of mine is the Yankee candle in Fireside Treats, perfect for winter… so make sure you have a selection off candles, or oils to burn to aid in the indulging.

Step 5. Bring the Outside In!

It’s so important to bring as much natural light in to the home as possible – especially in the Winter months.  As the days become shorter, it often seems we don’t see much sunlight at all! Sunlight has a natural relaxing effect on us, and also provides vitamin D, so be sure to have a favourite chair and a book close by to a window, to soak up as much sunlight as possible!

Remember, always make time for yourself, and it’s ok to make relaxing a priority!