October 17, 2016
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I often get calls from my clients after their property has sold, as they were so impressed with how their last home looked once styled, they want their new home to look just as good!  It can also be an overwhelming task to decorate and style a new home, with so many different thoughts and ideas to consider & combining new and old pieces, it’s difficult to get the mix just right.

At Upstaged Home Staging, we not only specialise in property styling & staging homes for sale, but we also offer interior design consultations & design boards to help home owners discover their decorating style, and create their dream home!

As every client is different, we tailor our services to suit your needs.  You may only need an initial consultation to get you on the right track & provide you with some inspiration & guidance on decorating your home.  Or you may prefer I project manage the entire process for you, from ordering furniture & accessories, sourcing custom art work, creating design boards and arranging trades – the choice is yours, and it is not as expensive as you may think!

As a property stylist and interior designer, I have a knack for creating beautiful interiors, and knowing what to use in a space to create a big impact on a small budget.  I believe everyone should love the space they live in, and should not have to spend lots of money creating their dream home.  With a little clever thinking, and planning, your home will be on it’s way to looking its best in no time!  Here are some of my top tips for decorating you home, without breaking the bank.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

My biggest tip is to always plan and research before you go out and start spending.  It is very easy to overspend when you don’t have a clear plan or vision on what you want to achieve in your space… Who has ever gone out grocery shopping without a list, and returned with lots of additional & unnecessary items?  It’s the same concept.  First step, consider what you want to use the space for.  Is it practical?  What key items will you need to invest in?  What colours and style do your like?  What items can you use that you already have?  Creating a mood board is an excellent way of organising all of your thoughts and research, and collating them on to create your vision on paper. You will eventually start to notice a style or theme running through all of your images, and it will become clearer to you what overall look you are wanting to achieve.  It is also a good idea to find ‘inspirational’ images, which are images of spaces that inspire you and reflect the look you are after.  This will help to tie everything together, and also suggest colour schemes and combinations of patterns and fabrics which work well together. Pinterest is an excellent tool to utilise for this.

Statement Pieces.

Like a new outfit, often you invest in one statement piece like a new dress or coat, and then you can accessories with items you already have, or buy budget friendly pieces to complete the look.  Styling interiors is the same.  It is important not to overcrowd any room with too many ‘hero’ pieces, and limit yourself to only one or two statement pieces per room.  You can then dress the rest of the room with various accessories from a variety of different price points, to create a personalised look.  Have fun shopping around for the perfect piece, and always remember to check out second hand stores for unique finds. And don’t be afraid to mix different colours and patterns together.  Just always remember to have at least one consistent theme running throughout the room, in order to tie everything together and create a natural flow throughout the space.

Fresh Eyes!

If you have an interest in interiors, chances are you may have lots of homewares around your house already.  I personally have an weakness for white ceramics & vases, scatter cushions and candles!  I often suggest to my clients too look at the pieces they currently have in their home with fresh eyes, and often pieces they already have can be re-purposed in other areas around their home.  To start with, it is often helpful to compile all of your home decor items from all around your home, and put them all in to one area.  Include everything from cushions, lamps, art, throw rugs, candles, vases etc.  From there, go through each room in your home and redecorate each space utilising the stack of items you compiled.  It can also be beneficial to wait a couple of days before doing this, as it gives you a chance to distance yourself from the items and the memories of where the items used to be located.  You will be surprised at how many items can be reused and repurposed throughout your home, and better yet, you haven’t spent a cent!  You can also consider selling any items you no longer like to generate funds for new items you may want for your new space!

New Life!

Often we have functional pieces of furniture or home decor around the home, that are too good to throw away, yet are looking a bit tired.  An easy way to update these pieces is to ask yourself, Can I paint it?  Can it be upholstered in a bright new fabric?  Can I add wallpaper? These are just a few options that can often breathe new life into tired pieces, and once again save you money!

So, with a little creative thinking, it is definitely possible to achieve a beautiful interior, without breaking the bank!  If you would like to arrange an interior design consultation to get you started, please give me a call on 0421 995 844, I would love to assist you!

Happy decorating!

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