Upstaged Home Staging offers an ‘In-Home Consultation’ service, to assist you in identifying and highlighting both your homes best features, as well as the areas which may require attention.  You’ll receive expert suggestions and recommendations from our professional stylists, to improve the visual appeal and salability of your home before it goes on the market.

What does an Upstaged Home Staging Consultation include?

  • Room by room walk through, to identifying the property’s best features and areas for improvement.
  • Cost effective solutions to successfully stage your home, and a prioritised ‘to do list’.
  • Furniture placement and layout.
  • De-cluttering suggestions
  • Landscaping advice – including curb appeal recommendations
  • Colour consultation and advice
  • Lighting and window treatment suggestions
  • Repair and maintenance list

How long does an Upstaged Home Staging consultation take?”

A consultation usually takes approximately 2 hours, depending on the size of the home, and includes a walk through every room in your home; taking note of the areas that require most attention, and prioritising what needs to be done to create maximum visual effect for your home.  Home owners are encouraged to take their own notes during the walk through process, as they can then create their own checklist, and jot down important things to remember.  At the end of the consultation, we will sit down and prioritise what items are most important and create an action plan that will outline the tasks for you to implement.

Then, the choice is completely yours; to complete the changes suggested in the consultation by yourself, or for a stress-free alternative, ask Upstaged Home Staging to complete the work for you, and transform your home in to a beautiful display home!

How much does an Upstaged Home Staging consultation cost?”

Our consultations start from $250, and are truly an investment to the sale of your home.  For a small fee, buyers will be able to appreciate your homes best features and you are likely to earn a significant increase to your profit when selling your home.  Call Upstaged Home Staging to discuss your individual needs and let us help you get your house sold!

Online Consultations

We are pleased to announce we are now adding Online Consultations to our services, to assist home owners living outside of the Adelaide region.  Based on the photographs you provide us, and the answers to your questionaire, we put together an action plan for you to follow & prepare your home for sale.  We also offer floor plans to assist with furniture placement, and can provide materials selections should any renovations be required.  Our Online Consultations start from $195, and will be delivered straight to your inbox!