We can also assist you with our interior design & decoration service.  With extensive experience in interior design and styling, we can offer you invaluable interior design advice on the latest designer trends and styles. We can provide you with as little or as much assistance as you require, and can arrange anything from, initial design concepts & mood boards, furniture selection & placement, material & finishes selections, and choosing the right piece of art!


Have you just moved into your new house and are struggling with how to use the rooms, where to put your furniture & what colours to paint the walls?  Or maybe you’ve lived in your current home for many years, and you’re in desperate need of a general refresh and update? Our In-home decorating & design consultations are a great way to provide you with some advice and inspiration, as well as providing you with a great range of discounts from wholesalers.  We listen carefully to your ideas, and based on your style and tastes, we develop a custom decorating plan to suit you.

Our interior design services include concept and design development, mood boards, colour consultations, personal shopping, pre-sale property styling & project management.

1.  Consultation: Assess the room(s) + Create Plan of Action
2.  Concept Design Plan: Provide furniture & decor suggestions
3.  Design Development: Order furniture & decor
4.  Completion: Style room(s) + Finishing touches


One of our most popular requests are to redesign children’s rooms & nurseries. As children grow they want and need different things from their bedroom and yet this room is often overlooked.  We will sit down with you and your child, and listen carefully to both of your ideas, and then based on your style and tastes, we develop a custom decorating plan to suit you. You can then make the suggested changes with your child, or we can arrange everything for you!  The choice is yours!

So whether it’s your new home, or your home that you’ve lived in for years, it’s so important to love the space you live in, and to be surrounded by the things you love everyday.  As it can often be overwhelming to know where to start first, we can provide you with the direction and inspiration to get started, and a platform from which your ideas and style can grow.  Contact us today, and let us help you create your dream home!